Save up to 5%
at Participating Grocery Stores

Snaplii Discounts is a program that helps you save up to 5% when shopping at participating grocery stores.

How to Use Snaplii

Enjoy quick and smooth transactions with Snaplii, ensuring an uninterrupted shopping experience.


Select Your Grocery Store

Choose your favorite grocery store participating in the Snaplii Discounts program.


Reload Your Snaplii Card

Decide on the amount to load onto your Snaplii top-up card using your preferred payment method.


Display QR Code at Checkout

Access your Snaplii Wallet, find your top-up card, and present the QR code to the cashier at checkout.


Complete Your Payment

After the cashier scans the QR code, complete your payment using the available funds on your Snaplii top-up card.